Talstar GC granular insecticide for golf course pest control

Talstar GC granular insecticide from FMC Professional Solutions


The number one trusted brand of insecticides for your number one priority.  

Insects can be threatening to your course. Treating them shouldn’t be. That is why FMC Professional Solutions has formulated Talstar® GC specifically for golf courses, so you can protect your greens, tees, fairways, roughs and even ornamental plantings without damaging sensitive plants.

Talstar GC is a highly effective, broad-spectrum insecticide that provides lasting control of cutworms, webworms, armyworms and mole crickets without harming delicate grasses. Talstar GC is proven to provide two to four months of pest protection. What’s more, its low application rates make it an excellent, cost-effective choice for your course.

Talstar GC can even be used to eliminate fire ant colonies and prevent future colonies from being established. And when applied in temperate zone regions where forsythia is in full bloom, Talstar GC will control over-wintered hyperodes weevil adults for three to four weeks.

Reliable control in a convenient granular formulation.

Talstar GC has been uniquely formulated as a light, stable pyrethroid with a sand core granular structure. This sand formulation optimally blends into the grass and is virtually invisible once applied. Because Talstar GC presents no odor or throat irritation, application is an easier task. And the granules are designed to distribute evenly with various spreaders, penetrating mulch and grass with no watering necessary.

Note: Talstar GC is a Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP). Talstar GC is toxic to fish. Use caution when applying near water.

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