Eliminate Fire Ants and Other Golf Course Pests in Record Time

The number one trusted brand of insecticides just got better! Talstar GC is now Talstar® XTRA GC granular insecticide!

XTRA Protection

Insects can be threatening to your course. Treating them shouldn’t be. That is why FMC Professional Solutions has formulated new Talstar XTRA GC specifically for golf courses with a greens-grade, sand-core granule, so you can protect your greens, tees, fairways, roughs and even ornamental plantings without damaging sensitive plants.

Talstar XTRA GC is a highly effective, broad-spectrum insecticide that provides lasting control of ants (including imported fire ants), cutworms, webworms, armyworms, mole crickets, and more without harming delicate grasses. Talstar XTRA GC is proven to provide two to four months of pest protection. What’s more, its low application rates make it an excellent, cost-effective choice for your course. And when applied in temperate zone regions where forsythia is in full bloom, Talstar XTRA GC will control annual bluegrass weevil adults for three to four weeks.

Zeta-cypermethrin: For XTRA Speed

As the leader in the granular insecticide business, FMC Professional Solutions devotes significant resources to developing technologies that solve both the specific and evolving challenges golf course superintendents face. With the addition of zeta-cypermethrin, a totally new active ingredient designed for accelerated knockdown and kill, Talstar XTRA GC granular insecticide delivers effective control at record-breaking speeds.

Research trials and field tests conducted by industry professionals have proven that with the addition of its powerful new active ingredient, Talstar XTRA GC granular insecticide eliminates fire ant colonies within four hours or less. And in some cases, the fire ant populations were decimated in minutes, not hours. At these speeds, other products can’t even come close to the control of Talstar XTRA GC granular insecticide.

All the Residual You Trust

In addition to its breakthrough active ingredient, Talstar XTRA GC granular insecticide has been formulated with the same long-lasting residual of bifenthrin found in all Talstar brands today, for the highly dependable control golf course superintendents have come to expect. While fire ants and other pests can be gone in as little as minutes, the residual protection of Talstar XTRA GC granular insecticide is proven to remain effective for two to four months.

Reliable control in a convenient granular formulation.

Talstar XTRA GC has been uniquely formulated as a stable pyrethroid with a sand core granular structure. This sand formulation optimally blends into the grass and is virtually invisible once applied. The granules are designed to distribute evenly with various spreaders, penetrating mulch and grass with no watering necessary.

When it comes to fire ants and other golf course invaders, your clients are counting on you for fast, effective and long-lasting action. Now with Talstar XTRA GC granular insecticide, you can help restore their peace-of-mind sooner than ever, and help keep them feeling secure by using the most trusted brand in turfgrass.

Note: Talstar XTRA GC is a Restricted Use Product (RUP).  Talstar XTRA GC is toxic to fish. Use caution when applying near water.

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