Dragnet SFR termiticide for termite control and prevention
Dragnet SFR termiticide  from FMC Professional Solutions


A legacy of long-lasting termite protection.

With years of reliable performance and impressive residual, it’s no surprise that more homes have been treated with Dragnet® SFR termiticide than any other pyrethroid.

Dragnet SFR termiticide has been formulated for a superior residual to help provide continued protection against termites. It kills termites on contact and, as a repellent, prevents them from crossing treated areas. Over time, all termiticides will degrade and break down in the soil. Unlike some competitive products, however, Dragnet SFR has shown that it remains effective even when only a small amount remains in the soil.

Dragnet SFR features a broad, flexible label that also includes residual pest control of fleas, ticks ants, chinch bugs and over 30 nuisance pests. Dragnet SFR is approved for use in and around residential and commercial structures, including schools, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and food processing establishments.

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