Metered Dispensers for Automatic Flying Insect Control| FMC Professional Solutions

CB metered dispensers from FMC Professional


A wide selection of solutions for automatic and reliable flying insect control.

FMC is proud to offer the comprehensive line of CB® metered dispensing products, designed to provide ongoing control of flying insect problems big and small.

Micro Programmable Metered Dispenser
• Smallest of the CB models
• Covers up to 6,000 cubic feet of area
• Sprays at 15-, 30- or 45-minute intervals for customizable control
• Convenient LED service reminder light
• Five-year warranty

Macro Programmable Metered Dispenser
• Ideal for large open air and sheltered applications
• Industrial-grade components for maximum durability in all kinds of conditions
• High-volume dispenser emits 2 ½ times the shot size of standard dispenser
• Contains sealed electronic parts, making it great for outdoor use around arenas, barns, warehouses, camp sites, picnic areas, stables and more
• Five-year warranty

TimeMist® Classic Dispenser
• Simple, reliable flying insect control
• Dispenses every 15 minutes and has a 30-day refill life
• Available in four colors
• Five-year warranty

TimeMist® Model 1000 Metered Dispenser
• The number one selling metered dispenser in the world
• Automatically activates every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day for a full 30 days
• Can be wall mounted or placed on a table top
• Swing-out door makes servicing simple
• Precision accurate within a three-second margin of error
• Five-year guarantee